Innovating Audi’s HMI
from a different
point of view.

Our experience in automotive goes back over two decades and flourished working alongside the design team at Ingolstadt.

Brought in to look at MMI from a different point of view, we produced and refined a highly integrated and cognitively intuitive system, first for the A8, then the A6 and later deployed across the entire Audi range, bringing extraordinary correlation between the digital interface and its physical inputs.

The introduction of an innovative capacitive pad allowed users, for the first time, to navigate and input street names & contacts by simply writing letters and numbers onto the pad with their finger.

The success of our MMI led Audi to ask for our assistance again on the TT virtual cockpit. Optimised speech functions and outstanding system performance were all designed to keep eyes on the road, not the interface.

Still widely regarded as a pivotal moment in HMI design, the virtual cockpit is customised for each driver and automatically presents the most relevant information, whether they’re parking or stuck in traffic.

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