What does connectivity
mean to people
and businesses?

For most of the world, connectivity has become the norm and is no longer a value in itself – it’s about what is possible with the connectivity provided. OTT players are challenging traditional business models that exist within the telecommunications industry today and so telco’s are looking for new areas of growth. We work across the globe with the leading telecommunications companies to redefine connectivity.

From a human perspective, connectivity is a phenomenon that binds us to others, allowing us to make social transactions throughout the world.

For some, connectivity means keeping on top of your finances, and for others it means being able to run small businesses in multiple countries, but for most, it’s what ties us together enabling shared activities and experiences.

5G is on the horizon and so the question is no longer what kinds of speed you can deliver but what products and services you can provide to enable better experiences and more effective business models.

Native has helped global telecommunication companies uncover insights into the role that connectivity can play in their markets and how these can be effectively translated into industry defining strategies and solutions. By understanding the social context and the role that technologies play in peoples’ lives, we help our clients evolve business models that transform them from the old world to the new: from IT service providers to creating next generation digital experiences.

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What’s it like being a teenager in Uzbekistan, or a small business owner in Pakistan? How do you unlock their potential when the price of technology is what’s holding them back? And how do you answer these whilst driving profit and reducing costs? That’s the 250 million customer question.

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