Freedom is the most
overlooked feeling in
future mobility innovation.

The future of mobility is often painted as a slick frictionless world, powered by autonomous cars, intelligent infrastructure, and predictive technology. At Native we take a step back to rethink these futures from a human perspective and understand how social and cultural dynamics may fundamentally challenge the way we currently think about mobility. We work with the world’s most innovative transportation brands to redefine travel and mobility.

Native’s unique capabilities in user experience, interface and industrial design, together with our in-house prototyping facilities, have enabled us to design and build award-winning, real-life transportation solutions and travel experiences.

Working with both manufacturers, and mobility platforms and services, we create tangible solutions that deliver value, not only for consumers, but also for cities, infrastructures, and the environment.

Discover more of our work in mobility & transportation:

The Autonomous Vehicle Simulator (AVS) is the result of a seismic shift in mobility thinking and the result of working with one of the worlds most established luxury car manufacturers to completely redefine the relationship people have with cars.

Our experience in automotive goes back over two decades and flourished working alongside the design team at Ingolstadt.

As the highest-ever rated HMI experience for any car by JD Power, our in-car digital experience for Lincoln’s flagship 2018 Navigator introduces a sense of effortless luxury, celebrates serenity and enhances the driving experience.

To understand more about how we could work together, please contact Charlie Curran on +44 20 7033 4888 or email to arrange a meeting.

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