What is the
cultural relevance
of content?

We help media companies understand how emerging cultural practices such as live streaming and social interaction can be translated to blended narratives and content – creating immersive entertainment as experiences that weave digital content with new physical platforms and products. We help our clients expand content into contextual experiences that make content social, shareable and culturally relevant.

The entertainment industry is on a heading to increased convergence and platform consolidation.

Industry entrants like Netflix, and incumbent media companies, are all busy creating the next business model and find new ways to monetise & curate competitive content. With overwhelming choice and quality, the game is a war of who can create network effects, who owns the most original content, and who can create the smartest way for people to find and discover that content. Our work has repeatedly shown that, from a consumer perspective, the push to convergence and subscription, are dangerously close to recreating the complexity and fragmentation that defined cable.

More problematic, however, is that the industry idea of entertainment is too technical, too organised, and too removed from human culture and experience. We believe that the role entertainment plays in people’s lives is on the cusp of something new. A new generation is interacting with content and narrative in new ways: as social conversations; as ways to take action on inspiration; as ways to engage and participate – in a true immersive sense – in totally new and ever-more imaginative worlds.

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