Health is much
more than the
absence of disease.

We believe health is about living a balanced, joyful and productive life with a sense of purpose and meaningful connection to the larger natural and cultural context of one’s life. We work with pioneering, global healthcare companies to transform people’s lives.

Our healthcare practice exists to deliver human value and improved health outcomes through human-centric innovation.

Whether we design med-tech devices, pharmaceutical services or wellness & lifestyle products, we apply a social science lens to understand the context we are innovating for; translating real world insights into tangible solutions that deeply resonate with users and work in the actual context of their lives.

Native has received some of the world’s most prestigious awards for how we have positively changed the fundamental fabric of how healthcare is accessed, received and felt by millions of people around the world.

Discover more of our work in health & wellness:

In 2010, Coloplast felt like three different companies delivering compromised experiences. By 2017, its share price had soared by over 400%, it was outselling its competitors by 4-to-1 and was ranked as one of the world’s most innovative companies.

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