Emotions play a bigger role
in financial management than
most people like to admit.

We live in a world where more and more people are relating to money in a radically different way than what is assumed in the financial services industry. The majority of people experience financial products such as banking, insurance, mortgages and retirement planning as fragmented, complicated and stressful. We work with financial innovators, to pioneer new thinking and revolutionise the industry.

Since the last economic crash, arguably not much has changed in how the financial industry creates new products and services. Yet for many consumers, things are changing and the sense of alienation between individuals and institutions has sharpened. Many are left feeling underserved by a system that does not relate to individual needs and continues to create products in the same predictable way as the generations before them.

This has created a disconnect between how the industry thinks about money, and the solutions people look for. Increasingly people will be looking to connect to services that are transparent about how banking works, where the morals and ethics of the service align with their own values.

New offerings must be carefully designed around how people think about money and what is important to them, in order to be relevant.

Native collaborates with the world’s largest financial institutions to make sense of how banks can turn financial instruments into meaningful tools. We analyse how the increasing use of digitally-led technologies shape the expectations for financial tools for the next generation and, crucially, we have helped industry leaders understand finance as a very human technology.

To understand more about how we could work together, please contact Charlie Curran on +44 20 7033 4888 or email charlie@native.com to arrange a meeting.

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