What makes a
product meaningful?

Consumerism is under threat. The very idea of packaged goods is rapidly becoming less relevant for a new generation of consumers. They look for cultural meaning and ways to contribute to a better world with the services and products they use, challenging traditional product categories and market logic. We help our clients unlock these new opportunities and give them the tools to meet their customers values.

Traditionally, CPG have relied on marketing, technological advancement, and brand consumerism as an ideal.

But this approach does not work when the aim is to discover altogether new value creation opportunities for the future. Often a real sense of cultural relevance is lost, and companies operate without a clear sense of how its propositions relate to the wider socio-cultural context.

Placing deep human insights at the heart of our client’s challenges, we uncover why strategies, such as direct-to-consumer models, are not about sexy technology and convenience but are fundamentally new ways to circumvent and challenge established institutions. We understand why smaller brands are replacing retail models that feel wastefully out-of-sync with the challenges of tomorrow, with ones that are built upon ideas of sustainability and social advancement.

By diving deep into the rich context of consumers' lives and the social world that surrounds them, we provide our clients with precision clarity of how emerging shifts in culture can be translated into new value propositions, definition for concrete products and services, and how this understanding can become a soft power for setting the direction to a sustainable future.

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When it comes to business transformation, there are those who say, and those who do. Pernod definitely do. Together, we reinvented the drink experience with an entirely new physical & digital ecosystem and, in turn, disrupted an industry.

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