Technology is
a cultural and
social material.

A revolution is happening in how fast technology is brought to market. ‘Design Thinking’ and a Start-Up Mentality are seen as silver bullets for discovering the next breakthrough product, by way of ‘failing- fast and breaking things’. The problem with this approach is that it relies on the fallacy that speed and technology, in-itself, is desirable; or that the people who buy these products are all engineers. For more than 20 years, we have held a different perspective, and together with our clients, ask the fundamental questions about what can be meaningful about technology.

We believe that technology is a cultural and social material; technology is the thread that connects us to each other and to our world.

As consumers increasingly question the role technology plays in the world, scrutinise the motives of the tech industry, and interrogate what real meaning technology adds to their lives, the question is no longer what we can technically do, but what creates cultural value.

This approach enables companies to see the conceptual and social role their offerings can actually play, and to reframe how products should be designed – paying more attention to how they fit into peoples’ lives, than how their tech specs perform.

Applying a human lens to the rational world of technology, we help companies dive deep into the real lived worlds of consumers, to define growth platforms with transformative power, and to design and deliver technologies and products that deliver both cultural value and lasting impact in the market.

Discover more of our work in consumer electronics:

After years of market share decline, we began a collaboration with HP to put design at the centre of their business. Since then, their portfolio has been transformed and their share price has increased by 350%.

In a world of poor quality audio products, Bowers & Wilkins have remained true to their values of performance and exquisite quality. In doing so, they have brought iconic design and extraordinary acoustic engineering to the eyes, and ears, of millions.

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